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     Cheryl Bleiler

       Grief, Loss, and COVID-19
        Oct. 7th 9:00 – 11:30am via ZOOM

  Many of the emotions and behaviors being exhibited by people during the COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequent restrictions have their roots in grief.  And what may be observed as anger, sadness or withdrawal, may be a person’s expression of grief over loss of life as they knew it.
  This workshop will assist helping professionals to explore grief as a process as well as strategies for a healthy journey through the emotional impacts of COVID-19.

  •  - Increase your understanding of grief as a process through which people move during times of crisis or loss
  •  - Expand intervention skills to include recognizing signs of grief
  •  - Learn strategies to help individuals move through the current challenging times.
  •  - Gain an overview of youth grief and the resources available to help caregivers provide appropriate support

Jacqueline Amor-Zitzelberger, MA
Penn State Extension Educator, Clarion County
Food, Families, and Health
Develops and delivers research and science-based educational programs and resources for early childhood education providers, parents and caregivers of yo
ung children

Karen Bracey, M.S.
Penn State Extension Educator, Wyoming County
Food Family & Health
Develops and delivers research and science-based educational programs and resources on topics related to multiple facets of family and individual health including obesity prevention, mental wellness and substance abuse prevention.

Denise H. Continenza, M.Ed.
Penn State Extension, Lehigh County
Food, Families & Health
Coordinates prevention education coalitions and provides educational programming relevant to positive youth development and family resiliency

Cynthia Pollich MS Ed.
Extension Educator
Provides educational opportunities in all aspects of growing healthy children, families and communities through strength based education, social emotional awareness and mental health.